Database Cleanup

List Hygiene - Data Verification & Spamtraps Removal

- Remove Duplicates, bad-formatted emails and bad-syntax emails from the list.
- Spam traps, Honeypots, spam seed, BOT, honeypot, black list or bogus emails/domains, Disposable emails, complainers - emails
- Remove emails as per client requests. Eg. Some clients want to remove special email addresses like sales@, info@, Support@ etc,
- Keyword Scrubbing will be used and keywords used in emails like abuse, spam etc,
- Remove bad or unresponsive domains email IDs from the list.
- Sort Email IDs domain wise ( As per client request )
- Verify domains and remove abandoned or fake domains email ids.
- We will provide removed list file and final cleaned file.
- Verify by sending emails to email ids of Major ISPs like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail etc.*

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