Dynamic Micro Segmentation Daily Leads + CRM Included (Package of 5 Custom Leads List)

Dynamic Micro Segmentation Daily Leads + CRM Included (Package of 5 Custom Leads List)

A Revolutionary and unique solution that allows us to provide you a customised flow of data with new records daily based on your unique needs on dynamic micro-segmentation and criteria from thousands of consumers registrations happening daily worldwide.

The Data is synced and uploaded daily to your custom CRM access provided by SMTPBayCRM, where you can send unlimited Emails, Calls, Record Manual Logs, Stats and lot more!

The Package includes up to 5 uniquely customised list.

Country, City, Postal Code, Region, Language, Group of Cities

Male, Female

Professionals, New Domains Registrations, Keywords on Websites

Such as Casino Players or Forex Leads, Must know that we can provide you a Generic Consumers Leads from any Region where you can send 1st Email to identify if they are interested in your unique products.

• Graphic Designers in Florida or Hispanic Males in NY Area
• Consumers registrations from zipcodes around 33319
• New Business Registrations happening daily in London, Manchester UK area
• German Speakers, will include Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, some regions of Switzerland

Dynamic Micro Segmentation Daily Leads
(Package of 5 Custom Leads List)
+ CRM Included

Estimated $99 per Dynamic Leads List - Plus FREE CRM with Email sending capabilities of sending up to 30K emails per day (Unlimited Campaigns)

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Criterias Available are Geographic Based
  • Gender Based
  • Ethnic Background
  • Hispanic Last names, African American Names, etc...
  • Business Type
  • For Interest and Behavioral Based
  • Ideas for queries
  • Woman in Los Angeles, California • For Cosumers use Example
  • Online Casino New affiliates registered in the UK • For Business Data
  • void(Tawk_API.toggle())">Consult via live chat to estimate how many leads can be generated daily from your custom query


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